Our "Classic" flush mount albums are bound by hand and have a crease seam (an almost invisible fold) in the middle that does not detract from the image  --  rather than a "cut" seam, which leaves a black line and visible gutter, like some other vendor's flush mount albums do. 

The pages are a very sturdy 1/16" thick and lay flat. Moreover, our albums are printed on the highest quality true photographic paper, Kodak Professional Endura Premier, with a lustre finish.  (Matte finish also available on genuine leather albums.) 

The cross-section of the page is a clean, sophisticated ALL WHITE (not black and white striped.) You can order any number of pages from 30 to 100 -- there is no requirement to order in page increments of ten or more, like some albums.  (Classic albums come with a slightly thinner page option if the album exceeds 60 pages.)

We offer a variety of gorgeous cover options including genuine leather, leather-look, a full photo-wrap (running from front to back), acrylic cover, a photo cover with a leather spine and back, and beautiful linens and silks.  Production time is around two weeks.

Parent albums are available at an attractive discount.

thick page flush mount album compared to thinner page


Leather-Look Cover

Our most popular album cover is our Classic leather-look material.  

The texture and suppleness of our leather-look material is indistinguishable from pricier high-end genuine leather, and better -- because it is guaranteed not to fade or dry out over time.

Our leather-look material comes in many gorgeous color options.  Choose from our Basic and Special Collections.

Add a cut-out window ($20) and embossing ($20/line). 

special collectin
leather look flush mount album cover


Genuine Leather Cover

genuine leather flush mount album cover options

You can mix and match a variety of patterned and non-patterned leathers, or keep it simple and just choose one. Either way, you can't lose!  Add embossing ($20/line) and/or a cut-out window ($20) for even more personalization.  Swatches are too numerous to include here, and they are all gorgeous.  A matte finish option is also available on the interior pages on these albums, for a small up-charge.

The Photo-Wrap Cover

The photo-wrap cover is another favorite!  It features a smooth, sophisticated matte finish.  Photo-wrap albums make a dramatic statement and give you the option to showcase your best photo(s) in a creative way on the cover.  


The Acrylic Cover

Your cover photo is showcased below an acrylic cover that has a softly beveled edge.  The acrylic cover seamlessly abuts a genuine leather spine and back.  Always a popular choice, the acrylic cover makes a bold, modern, sophisticated statement. 


Photo Cover with a Leather Spine and Back

The combination of a fabulous photo with a genuine leather spine and back is an all-time classic.  This striking option provides a combination of an old-world standard with the crisp, vivid sharpness of your favorite image.   This option is 100% custom, so that the leather can wrap as much or as little as you would like across the front.   


Linen and Silk Covers

Linen and silk covers can feature a cameo window -- and silks can be embossed.   They come in a wide variety of color options. 


Presentation Boxes

Classic flush mount albums come with a black soft bag and sturdy cardboard presentation box.  

You can upgrade to a black leather presentation box ($60) or a black leather presentation box with an acrylic cover ($100). 

Our "Boutique" fine art Album

Our Boutique Fine Art album comes with the option for either a straight (clean) edge or rustic torn edges.  The album is printed on exquisite archival Fine Art Paper, which is a smooth matte finish with an almost invisible crease seam.  Cover options include: genuine leather, Hemp, Linen, leather look, Full Photo Cover or 1/3, 1/2 or 3/4 Photo Cover.  There is an interesting selection of cover "devices" to choose from including a photo device, an acrylic device, and a patterned leather motif.  See more images here  It ships from Australia.    

Our "love story"  Flush Mount Album

Our Love Story  Album is machine-bound rather than hand-bound.  The THICK page Love Story Album can accommodate up to 50 sides.  Compared with the Classic, the pages are only a smidgen thinner. The THIN page Love Story Album can accommodate up to 100 sides, and the pages are about the thickness of a dime.  The images are printed on true photographic paper (Kodak Professional Endura) with a lustre finish -- with a crease seam in the middle.  

While less expensive than the Classic, there are some limitations:  the only cover choice is a photo-wrap cover, but it is gorgeous, with a sophisticated matte finish -- and Love Story Albums must be ordered in increments of 10 pages (30 pages, 40 pages, etc.)  

The "Skinny" -- thin, but eye-popping vivid pages

Printed on photographic paper with the highest quality inks, the image is as crisp, dynamic and richly vivid as our thick-page flush mount albums.  The pages are "skinny" -- about the thickness of a postcard, with a crease seam in the middle.  This album comes in a large variety of cover options including the Special Collection leather-look, full photo-wrap, photo-cover paired with material spine and back, fabric, suede, linen and silk -- with an optional cut-out window and embossing available.  A few of the many interesting cover options are shown below.  A great choice for parent albums, the album can accommodate up to 100 pages.