How we can help

While many photographers enjoy designing and ordering their client's wedding albums, some don't.  Others just don't have the time.  If you would prefer to outsource part or all of the process, we can help!

It's up to you...

  • Design only.  We design and provide the layouts online for your (and your clients') review.  If your client has swap-outs or other changes, you can relay them to us or, with your introduction, she can work with us directly.  We provide you with the final hi-res jpg layouts so that you can order the album yourself.  
  • Design and Album.  We design the album AND order it from one of our printing partners (or one of your choosing) to be drop-shipped to you or your client.   
We have two affordable "turn-key" basic album packages, illustrated in a digital brochure that you can share with your clients.   

  • Referral.  You refer your client to us.  We work with your client to design his/her layouts, make any changes, present pricing for the various album options, help her decide, and order the album to be drop-shipped to them.   Your client pays us directly for everything.  This makes it easy to be able to offer albums without the headache. 

Try us out!  We're happy to provide sample spreads with your photos to see if you like it.  We can even match your style, if you provide us with examples.

Let us know if you would like more information about our "turn-key" album packages.