The Process is easy!

What Can you expect?

 Contact us. 


Let us know your design style preferences.

Let us know what size, type and length of album you are interested in.  If you are not sure, we will help you decide, based on your budget. 

Some people like a basic design style with a stark white background on each spread with no over-lays, blends, or fades. Others prefer more of a hybrid style.  We have lots of sample designs in our gallery...let us know which ones you like the best! 

Choose the images you would like in your album and send them to us via DropBox

Albums run between 30 and 60 pages on average.  We use 2-3 images per page, so a 30 page album would use around 75 images. (A "page" is otherwise known as a "side" -- or one side of a two-page spread.)  Please use our guidance below to determine how many images to send, based on your budget -- and how to narrow it down.

We design your album and post it online for you to review and edit. 

It usually takes about a week to design your spreads. Everyone has a few swap-outs, so feel free to make changes!  


We order your album and ship it to your door. 

Once we order your album, you can pay by check or PayPal. You will have it in a week or two!  (Certain albums take longer.) 


Pages # Images
30 75
40 100
50 125
60 150
70 175
80 200
90 225
100 250
How many images to send?  Use this chart for guidance, but it's an average, so it's OK to send extras so we'll have some wiggle room in the design!  (And if you are having problems narrowing it down, don't worry, we can help!) 

Please use this address when you share your images with us via DropBox:                   

We'll try to use all the images you send, but sometimes we have to use our discretion to stay within a designated page length. If we end up missing a critical image, don't worry -- we can work together to find a good place for it (or add an extra spread.)  

Note:  Please be sure to send the highest resolution images you have.  You can check the image size by right-clicking on the image and choosing properties.  

It's great to provide some close-ups of the bride's dress, the bouquet or table decor, for example, as well as some background shots of the venue.

We know the hardest part is to whittle down your photos to the "gems" you want to use in your album. When you go through this process, it's good to select the best images from every stage of the day if you have them, for example: Getting Ready, First Look, Posed Couple Shots, Posed Wedding Party/Family, Ceremony and Reception.

If you'd like a photo on the cover, let us know which is your favorite!